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Case Study:ShowtimeMovie App

ShowtimeMovie is a fictional regional movie theater located in a metropolitan area. ShowtimeMovie strives to give luxurious movie experience with competitive pricing. 

ShowtimeMovie (16).png

Project Overview

  • Role: UX Designer designing an app for ShowtimeMovie from conception to delivery.

  • Challenge: Moviegoers want to buy tickets without hassle.

  • Goal: Design an app for ShowtimeMovie that allows users to easily order tickets without queueing.

Understanding the User

User research: summary

I conducted interviews, which I then turned into empathy maps to understand the target user and their needs better. I discovered that the primary user group was working adults with demanding jobs and needing to do things efficiently. However, many online movie ticketing websites are overwhelming and confusing to navigate.

User research: pain points



Movie ticketing website design sometimes looks busy, which results in confusing navigation



The ordering ticket process is slower than intended because of the confusing navigation

Design Process

Paper wireframes

Taking time to draft the interaction of each app screen on paper ensured that the element used on digital wireframes aligned with user pain points.

Digital wireframes

As initial design phases continues, I made sure to base screen design on findings from the user research.

ShowtimeMovie (17).png

Refining the Design


The early design allowed customization but after usability studies, I made the movie poster larger for smaller smartphones to be accessible.


The second usability study revealed frustration with the small button size, the space between each button, and the dropdown hiding other buttons after clicking. To streamline this flow, I consolidated the dropdown buttons into “+” and “-” buttons.

ShowtimeMovie (19).png

Going Forward


This app helps users feel like ShowtimeMovie thinks to meet what users need. One quote from a study participant: “Overall,  it looks good. I like the classic design look.”

What I learned:

While designing ShowtimeMovie app, I learned that the first ideas of designing the app are only the beginning of the process. Usability study and feedback influenced the itinerary of the app’s design.

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