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Case Study:With First Aid

With First Aid is an app focused on learning about first aid. The primary target users include young adults who want to learn and who need to give first aid but don’t have the basic knowledge.

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Project Overview

  • Role: UX Designer designing an app and website for With First Aid from conception to delivery.

  • Challenge: There is a shortfall of general knowledge about giving first aid and Indonesian first aid instructions that are available online have cluttered navigation.

  • Goal: Design an app that will improve education on the topic of basic first aid.

Understanding the User

User research: summary

Based on interviews I’ve conducted, the primary user group was a working adult who likes to spend their time hiking. Being in the wild means that anything could happen and most places are out of reach.


I did an ideation exercise to come up with some ideas to address the gap and opportunities based on the competitive audit. My main focus was learning features and simple instructions.


Design Process

Digital wireframes

After ideating and making paper wireframes, I made the initial design for the With First Aid app. These designs focused on helping users in emergency situation and guiding users on giving first aid.

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Usability study: findings

From the usability study, there are three main findings uncovered.


Quick Diagnosis

People had difficulties finding the quick diagnosis



People want the homepage to look simple



Some of the buttons and wording are confusing

Refining the Design


Based on the insight from the usability study, I applied design changes like quick diagnosis on the front and center of the homepage.


Additional design changes including clearer and bigger buttons.


Responsive Design

A4 - 3.png
Responsive designs

Going Forward


The app helps users on how to give first aid in an easier way.

“The app really helped when I need clear instructions.”

- Participant 3

What I learned:

I learned that users can give a better solution than what I could came up with.

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